What’s In An Idea?

27584846 - beautiful woman with questioning expression and question marks above her head“The thoughts and purposes of the [consistently] righteous are just (honest, reliable), But the counsels and schemes of the wicked are deceitful.” – Proverbs 12:5 (AMP)

Have you ever had a “light bulb’ experience where a great idea comes to mind and you’re all excited about it but sooner rather than later the idea fades away? Sometimes I am almost flooded with new ideas and renewed visions of things I want to do. At times I am so overwhelmed by the ideas that I quickly drop them. Does that sound familiar? On occasion I learn to settle myself and make the idea become a reality. I have noticed that when I ask God to direct my paths and show me how to and when to act on an idea that I am able to bring it to reality. One such experience I can attest to is completing the writing and publishing of my book – Financial Empowerment.

I have realized that ideas are not just accidental thoughts. They are given to you for a reason. As a writer, I have ideas about articles or blog posts that I can write or about books and courses that I can create to help others. My ideas are often centred on my purpose, personality, preferences or interests. They are often related to God’s word, personal finance, and personal development (which I call, Christian Living Success) and how I can best serve God’s people.

Ideas also have a time or a season to become reality while others may not be meant for you at all but to be shared with others who can make use of them. I have several ideas but I don’t act on them all. I believe some of them are meant for me and over a period of time they will be acted on and become a reality in my life. However, I recognized that some ideas come that can be best acted on by someone else who has the passion, expertise, gift and experience needed to carry it out and make it successful.

So what is in an idea? Are you meant to have a flood of great ideas and just that or do you need to act on some of what you’ve been thinking about? An idea tends to come almost suddenly – like a series of thoughts that just have to be shared or written down because they are so good.

What about you? What’s your idea? What are you doing about them? These questions have some similarity to the question that Elijah asked the widow: “What do you have in your house?” Like the widow you may think that your idea is insignificant. But with God, what you have can be an income stream that is more than enough to take care of you and your family. Your idea may save you and others much time and effort. Your idea may save a life. Your idea may bring hope and help to others in some way. Your idea, once implemented, could be a world changer. Your idea is a good difference maker. Your idea is meant to be shared. Whatever your idea, it can solve a problem and make your life and the lives of others better.

An idea comes from your imagination and your interests. It is part of your thought process. Ultimately, any good idea comes from God. When you get your ideas write down as much as you can about them. Keep an idea note book or document to record them. Ask the Lord Jesus to show you what to do about them.

In order for an idea to become reality, it has to become a specific goal and then developed into a viable plan. You have to move your idea from generality to specifics. You have to make it concrete. You will need to attach numbers, dates, times, or some kind of expected outcome to it.

An idea can bring empowerment to you and others. Actually, as you work on your idea you will grow and learn through the process of working on the idea. You will move from struggle to success and to significance. Why? Your idea will not only cause you to achieve for your benefit alone but others will be impacted by what you do. As a Christian, your ideas are meant to be life changers; an influencer to challenge people to better themselves and improve their lives in some way.

Acting on your ideal will eventually lead to achievement of the goal. Your idea will also lead to fulfilment and even to income generation. It’s like the Bible says, when you have seen the fulfilment of your desire “life is full and sweet” (Prov. 13:11 VOICE)

An idea is just an idea. It just a big dream if no action is taken. I’ve had and have many ideas but they are of no use to me or others unless I do something about. So recently my prayer is for God’s grace to take direct, decisive, focused action on the ideas or creative thoughts he plants into my mind and heart. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how many ideas I have. Now I ask the Lord to guide me and let me know what to take action on and in what order of priority.

Lately, I been working on my ideas – setting goals and making plans. But I have also been acting on them and have had the pleasure of seeing some ideas become realities such as speaking on Financial Empowerment and other Christian Living Success topics and I been doing some business writing (mainly resumes) – something I have always liked doing and just seemingly stumbled on the idea to offer a professional writing service .

“Entrust your efforts to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” – Proverbs 16:3 (GW)

The whole idea of bringing an idea (pun intended) to reality is exciting and fulfilling and once you see it you want to do more. What idea(s) do you have that you need to start working on? Feel free to share.

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2 thoughts on “What’s In An Idea?

  1. Wow, Pamela, this article truly confirmed what I had been thinking about a God ideal. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. I’m so pleased that God lead me to your site and book. “Good Success” to you.

    • Thanks KD.
      I am glad that the article proved as confirmation to you.
      Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you find this website and the book useful and positively life changing.
      To Your Living Success
      Pamela Chttp://www.pamelavcarmichael.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

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