3 Steps to be Happy In Your Work

Work need not be so boring or terrible that you don’t look forward to it. Work is a gift from God and is meant to be a blessing to you. God created you to experience fulfillment through work. You shouldn’t dread your work or try to find ways to avoid it. You should be looking forward to work every day.

I believe that if you are going to spend the majority of your time working, you should be enjoying it (Eccl. 5:18–19). God says He will give you the desires of your heart, and if working in a particular field is your desire, He is willing to grant you that blessing. The highlight about working at what you love is that it brings out the best in you and glorifies God. You may often shrug off your desires as being fickle, yet those very desires may be God’s will for you. Moses desired to help his fellow Israelites, but went about it the wrong way. Then forty years later God called him to go back and deliver his brothers from slavery. You may desire to do something bigger than you, and you may have even tried to do it and failed. Keep seeking God and keep trying — your dream will happen in due course.

Examine Your Life

If you have done your best to honor God in your work but are unhappy with the work you are doing, it’s time to examine your life. So what is bothering you about your work? Did you take the first work opportunity to arise, or did you prayerfully consider it before entering into that career or business choice? Do you need a career change? Have you constantly thought about doing something but lacked the courage to undertake it? Maybe you’ve thought of going back to school to improve your skills or start something new. Whatever it is, you need to either renew your mind-set about your work or change the work to the kind you love.

Find Your Calling

Considering that you spend more time working than doing any other activity, it would be beneficial to you and those you serve through your work to find and do the work you like. In other words, do the work that is your calling. Why? To reach your full potential in life or fulfill your destiny, which is all wrapped up in the work you do, you need to learn what your calling is.

To know your calling is to know what you’re gifted at doing. Your calling is what you dream. What is your vision or dream? If you are unsure what your calling is, consider this: The secret to finding your purpose is to identify what you enjoy doing so much that you would be willing to do it for free. Then develop yourself in that area and become really good at it so people are willing to pay you to do it. You will find that the thing you love doing the most, the thing that gets you all excited (while it doesn’t excite others), is where your calling lies. Knowing your purpose and living it out may not come overnight. For any dream to become a reality, you will need to work steadily at it (Eccl. 5:3). In working toward your dream, you may have put much effort into things you are not destined for and may have failed. But don’t give up. Success is often several trials and failures away. You should use any failure to propel you forward to try something new. Trying something new or reworking something you’ve tried before just might lead to the fulfillment of your dream and bring you great joy.

Seek God

Furthermore, if you want to know your purpose, you must know God and seek Him. It is God who created you, and no one knows you like He does. He knows exactly who you are, why you were born at this time, what resources you have available to you, and who you love. Since He created you and knows details about your life you don’t know yet, He’s the best source to go to for direction. He created you on purpose with a purpose; to find out what that is, ask Him.

Consider seeking God concerning the desire in your heart and determine from Him what you need to do to accomplish it. I have a friend who had a great career in the hospitality industry, yet he had a desire in his heart to open a business in a completely different industry. Doing this seemed illogical, since he was already settled in his career. Furthermore, he had a family to consider. Yet the desire did not go away, and he sought God about what he should do. God gave him the direction he needed and through a minister confirmed that the desire of his heart was not against the will of God and that he should go full speed ahead to start this new business. That was the green light from God he had been waiting for. He went ahead in this new venture and today is happily enjoying a flourishing business. He still has the opportunity to work in the hospitality industry whenever possible.

When you love the work you do you will not only create wealth but also enjoy a more productive and happy life.

What other steps can you take to enjoy your work?

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Staying Power: A Key to Success

I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:14

Lately I have been time and energy challenged with three major projects pending completion within the same time frame. Each of them spans across different areas – my job, church and book publishing. During my lunch time, I am either making phone calls or responding to personal emails to keep up with the pace. By the time I reach home, I am taking care of my family and trying to set aside time for writing, marketing, promotion, learning and improving. At times, I feel a bit stretched but when I go to bed, I am satisfied that I’ve done my best for the day.

I realize that day by day, step by step I am making progress on my goals. Recently I asked the Lord how is it that I can keep moving forward although the responsibilities are great, the goals are high and at times tired. The word of received from the Lord is that He gives staying power.

Hum! What’s that?

I thought to myself that I have tried and failed miserably at other goals before but still I am ‘riding the tide’ (so to speak). Even amidst those foul ups, bleeps, blunders, outright failures; I have not given up (though I have thought of it in the tough moments). Today I am still moving forward and stepping out to try new things too. Staying power reminds me of the Apostle Paul who said he was pressing towards the goal for the prize of his calling in Christ (Philippians 3:14). This is what staying power is.

But what does staying power involve?

Anointing of God

For any Christian I would say the greatest means to having staying power is to have the anointing of God on your life. We are often quick to give up especially when life is tough. We need to keep asking God to anoint us to do His will. We need God’s presence for service not only in church but at home, at work, at school, or in whatever way we serve.

Enjoy Your Work

I know that I can be paid for what I am doing. Yet though there is not immediate recompense to me, I am not discouraged. Money is not my driving force but rather sharing and encouraging others to be living successes in Christ.


Success in anything is gained with the ability to lead yourself. Instead of sleeping in, you rise early. Rather than watch television, you cut the hours you spend in front the tube to work on your goals. If you’re keep tabs on your weight, you exercise and eat healthier foods. Discipline is giving up the immediate pleasures to gain the precious prizes at the end.


Considering all Paul experienced (beatings, persecutions, imprisonment, ship wrecks) in his service to God, we can tell that he was strong-minded man (1 Corinthians 11:24-28). Joseph when betrayed by his brothers, then accused and imprisoned did not lose sight but keep holding to his dreams. Make up you mind to keep going forward.


A diligent person is one who sticks to the task. You don’t stop midway but you work to complete what you started. Determination is a mind-set that acted out by being diligent. They go hand in hand and are part of having staying power. Be diligent because the reward will be sweet for you (Proverbs 13:4).

Love God & His people

You can love God but it really shows when you love His people. It is very hard to love without giving. When I put my time and effort into this work of writing I am by extension showing the love of Christ to others and honouring God.


When you are passionate about something, you have an unrelenting drive for what you are doing. You deeply care about what you are doing. You think about it all time and your family and friends probably think you are overly enthusiastic about it.


Our physical as well as spiritual stamina lies in having a constant connection to our heavenly Father. Some mornings after a long night I would prefer to stay in bed but I can’t. I know that I need my Father God – to guide, to comfort, to direct, to strengthen and to provide. He is the Source of everything good. I am always renewed and receive new strength when I spend time in God’s presence.

Today, ask the Lord for give you staying power. Ask God to help you press forward like Paul in whatever way He has asked you to serve. Fix your eyes on the goal and move forward.

Share an experience when you thought you could do no more and you received staying power from the Lord to continue?