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Are you ready for a career change? Do you need help to land your next job? Do you want to get promoted?
Are you ready to earn want you’re worth? Would you like to enjoy your work and not dread it?
But wait, is your resume ready? Or can you do with some help to get you started on your new career adventure?

Don’t worry…

Living Success Professional Writing Services are here to help you find the work you love

As a business professional and writer, my focus is to help you learn your unique value and accomplishments, develop compelling career documents, interview confidence and create persuasive messages to use in your networking efforts and interviews that would captivate your potential employers and help them see the benefits you bring to their organization.
How Does It Works

Your job search begins with a winning resume and this starts by identifying what sets you apart from your competition – your uniqueness (personal brand) and accomplishments. To get the ball rolling on your great new career, I will:

• Conduct an over-the-phone 20-minute consultation with you to understand your needs

• Provide you with an extensive questionnaire to fully understand your experience and skill set

• Determine the type of resume best suited for you and if any other documents or services are required

• Provide up to 3 edits, during the writing process, based on changes you request. (If needed the consultation will include a maximum of 4 tweaks during your job-hunting process)

In some cases, you may conclude that you need additional services such as a job search action plan or career coaching.
In addition to a great resume, you can benefit from the following services:

Business Letter Crafting – I will write or edit a cover letter, follow-up and “thank you” letters and even design a script to guide you through follow-up calls

Career Success Plan – Coach you as your work towards the goal of finding a new and exciting career. You will work at outlining the steps you need to take to find the type of work you desire. This will include industry research, contact finding, networking, application process and follow-up, interview preparation

Career Success Coaching – Do you want to move the next level of your professional life but not sure what to do? Then, it is time to stop procrastinating and wondering what to do and get the help of a Success Coach to aid you in finding work you love to do
Why I Do What I Do

My business of personal development is aimed at helping people grow in various areas of their lives. This type of service offering gives me the opportunity to do two things I enjoy (1) writing and (2) helping people thrive.

Therefore I have built this business around these passions. I am based in Barbados and collaborate with job seekers in the Caribbean region, U.K., U.S. and Canada.
How I Can Help You

While there are no guarantees, my clients can…

• Secure better jobs inclusive of better pay and benefits

• Land new jobs after being laid off that are better than their original jobs

• Start the job search and interview process with more confidence in themselves to land their desire position
Who I Usually Work With

• Professionals in the financial service industry and in administrative roles

• Executives at all levels (EVP, SVP, VP), and managers as well as entry-level staff and mid-level management

• Individuals transitioning into a new career or re-entering the job market

• Typical salary range from about $50,000 and above

• Clients with 7 to 30+ years of experience
What Does Professional Writing Services Cost

As you’ve seen, a wide array of services are available to help you gain the work of your dreams. Pricing of these service vary based on your uniqueness and service requirements.

Career Success Resume Writing Services start from US$177

After you have signed up for the service you require, please contact me to arrange a time for your initial 20-min consultation at

Please provide the following information via email as well:

• Name

• Contact number

• Type of Resume required: Entry Level Resume, Professional Resume, Mid-Career Resume, Career Changer, Management, Executive

• Three (3) preferred times for preliminary consultation either via phone or Skype or where possible in person

Living Success Professional Writing Services