How to Align Your Goals to God’s Will

Prayer for SuccessA man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.—Proverbs 16:9

January is a month when Christians across the globe spend time praying, fasting and reading the Bible more. It is a time of reflection and projection. It’s a time to seek God purpose or will for the coming months and seasons as the body of Christ. As well as a time to declare what God has said concerning our future.

God is a goal setter too. He has plans for Himself and His church and that includes you. The very reason you have come to know the love of God through Jesus Christ is because God designed a plan for your salvation and set it in motion. God’s plan wasn’t just about saving you so you can get to heaven but that you would also experience a full abundant life. Yes, that you would be a Living Success who glorifies His name.

Just as your Father sets goals or plans, you also ought to. As Christians, successful goal setting and achievement involves connecting to God and aligning our goals with His. To help you succeed through life, God in His love and wisdom has given you the Holy Spirit.

Unfortunately, believers can walk through life like orphans; like children with no Father but yet God has given the Holy Spirit as your 24/7 companion. You have a constant help but sadly may not rely on Him enough.

Many of us want to conduct our lives on our own believing that we know how well to manage our lives. Although we have the Holy Spirit we rely on our human limited wisdom and strength more than the Spirit of God to progress through life.

If you want your life to be pleasing to God and your goals aligned to His will then you need to connect to God’s spirit and take your lead from Him. As you set your goals and you begin to work through and towards accomplishing them, make every effort to stay connected to the Holy Spirit.

  1. Acknowledge God’s Sovereignty – Proverbs 3:6

God is King of Kings and Lord of Lords no matter what. Sometimes in planning your focus can be so much on what you want to do that you try to superimpose your will over God’s. One way to avoid this in the questions you ask yourself. It shouldn’t be just, “What do I want to accomplish this year?” Yes, that’s a starting point but consider asking, “Lord, what would you like me to accomplish this year?” Another question may be, “Lord, what great things will you do through me, for me and with me for your glory?”

These questions should keep things in perspective by reminding you that God’s will is best. Knowing God’s plan for you and working through them with the Holy Spirit as your Helper will make any year your best year.

  1. Quiet Yourself & Listen To God – Matthew 6:6

Quiet the noise around you – TV, emails, radio, people and get alone time from others to be with God. Do this on a daily basis. Give yourself this gift – to be in the presence of God and be renewed to face the days, weeks and months ahead.

Apart from your alone time with God, even in places where there is noise be conscious of the Holy Spirit and be ready to hear Him speak. God always has something to say that will move you forward and improved your life. He has a Word to guide you as you set out to achieve your goals.

  1. Let God Speak Through His Word – Joshua 1:8

God promises that if you meditate on His Word day and night, speak His Word and obey His Word, you will be successful in all you do. So when you read the word of God ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten your understanding and give you a Word to help you throughout each day. Applying God’s word with the help of the Holy Spirit will make your whole life prosperous.

  1. Recognize The Presence Of God Everywhere You Go – John 14:16-17

You are not alone. Whether you are facing good times or bad times, the Lord is still with you.  No matter where you are, God is there. Don’t be timid to talk to Him and ask Him to guide you. Give Him thanks. Ask Him what to do when you are uncertain. Please don’t put God in a box and think you can only speak to Him in your prayer closet. He is with you because His Holy Spirit is in you. He is readily willing to listen and to guide you each day and help you fulfill the good purpose He has for you.

Try to keep your mind focused on the Lord and His goodness. Recognize that the presence of God is with you all times.

  1. Make God’s Kingdom Your Priority – Matthew 6:33

I can’t emphasis this enough. His kingdom, His will should take priority. God promises and – He does keep them – that if you go after His kingdom and righteousness, He will provide for you. Whatever you need that others go after so diligently – food, shelter, clothing, etc. – God will make sure you have when you make Him first in your life.

  1. Have Faith In God – Mark 11:22-24

When you seek God’s will for your life and you plan accordingly, some of your goals will require faith. They will stretch you (so to speak) because they are bigger than what you would normally aim for. Therefore, set your goals in faith and act in faith. Since God has put these goals on your heart He is able to help you complete them. Whatever you have to do; He will give you the strength to do. Trust Him.

  1. Obey The Holy Spirit’s Guidance – John 16:13

Your goals aren’t etched in gold and they can change. The Holy Spirit has been given to lead you into all truth. The book of Act demonstrated the working of the Holy Spirit in building the body of Christ. One account I particularly like is God’s conversation with Ananias about Saul (Act 9). I like the detail with which God described Saul to Ananias – who he was, where he came from, where he was staying and what he was dong and even what he will do. I also like the assurance God gives Ananias about going to meet Saul.

As you go about creating goals and working to make them happen remember to ask for guidance but also to obey when you get it. God’s direction may not always seem logically but whatever He says to do will be for your good. Obey Him.

When you set your goals and continue to work at them, there is a tendency to get occupied with the goal and what you are doing and forget that the Holy Spirit is there to help you. Remember Jesus sent you the gift of the Holy Spirit and His participation in your life can only lead you to good success.

My desire for you is that you will have good success as you align your goals to God’s will.

Have you set your goals for this year yet?

If you are looking for a step-by-step guided process to goal setting, I’d encourage you to download the Living Success Goals Workbook.

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4 thoughts on “How to Align Your Goals to God’s Will

  1. I enjoy reading living success and how to align your goals with God’s will. I would like to download it for myself and others. Thank you.

    • Thanks Cheryl. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I hope it encourages to link up with God on your goals.
      You are free to share this post with others.

  2. The past month our pastor preached about faith and being willing and obedient. That is what I’m working on now until JESUS comes. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. No matter what looks right it must line up with God’s will to work for us. Thanks for this post. It’s like confirmation.

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